The media

In Russia, all the TV channels are controlled by the Russian state, so the political information that is released indicates the current preferences of the state authorities. At one stage the billionaire oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov had the Kremlin’s favour and so was granted precious air time. However, he became too independent of the authorities and the air time was pulled.

The radio stations are freer, with Echo of Russia providing the most open and balanced coverage of the news and offering broadcasts from such authoritative political commentators as Yulia Latynina.

In terms of the printed press, Kommersant and Vedomosti provided the most objective coverage of political and business news, followed by the English language daily The Moscow Times. All three publications can be accessed on-line, with varying subscription charges

The New Times weekly magazine offers a different view of the news that is more critical of the authorities. It can also be accessed on-line at present free of charge.

Other on-line sources include, which provides more caustic and biting information, while offers more general coverage of developments both in Russia and internationally, including links to sites with Russian translations of foreign articles on Russia and other topics.

I will list more publications as time passes or I receive feedback from readers

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