Welcome to 3kopecks!


Welcome to 3kopecks!

This web site aims to provide a balanced overview of Russia, with some sarcasm slipping in now and then.

I spent 15 years in Russia from 1991 (prior to the break-up of the USSR) to late 1997 (the time of so-called robber capitalism) and from early 2000 to 2007 (the reign of the FSB under President Putin).  I now work as a translator/editor, some time b2b journalist and reviewer of the Russian press.

The title comes from the goal of providing a perspective of developments as a foreigner fluent in Russian, who will never understand the Russian soul, but who brought some of Russia back with him to the UK and has good Russian friends in this country, Russia, the USA, Canada and other places far and wide.

it will focus on politics and business, with all the attendant data reflective of the current state of Russia, such as the role of the mafia, the current dependence on commodities and the half-hearted attempts to impose innovation and modernisation without the accompanying freedom of expression and action due to red tape and other reasons beyond my ken. Aware of my shortcomings, I will provide links to articles penned by better and more experienced writers. Similarly I will endeavour to share links to sites that provide general information on Russia and economic data.

Some of the links will be to articles in Russian. Where necessary, I would be ready either to translate them myself for the interested reader or recommend some excellent translators/translation agencies.

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