This area will seek to catch various posts forwarded to me that appear relevant at present

For example, a number of courageous bloggers in Russia have been posting comments about various fraudulent activities either performed to falsify the December parliamentary elections, such as the following on the blog of Igor Drandin: http://drandin.livejournal.com/340706.html,

On 10 January the Guardian’s Tim Parfitt provided more detail about these allegations in an article entitled Kremlin ally accused of falsifying election registration documents


Or to discredit potential candidates for the Presidency such as Alexei Navalny by doctoring photographs, such as in the tale told about photographer Alexei Yushenkov where a photograph of Navalny with Mikhail Prokhorov was doctored and published in a little-known newspaper to show him standing and smiling instead with Boris Berezovsky: http://echo.msk.ru/blog/yustas/846675-echo/

On 9 January the Guardian’s Tim Parfitt picked up on this story in more detail in an article entitled Russian protest leader Alexei Navalny is target of fake photo smear 

I will endeavour to post all such evidences of flagrant wrongdoing by the Russian authorities and no doubt come up at some point with a more appropriate title to this page.

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