And where do you stand, Mr Lebedev?

It was quite amusing to read oligarch, billionaire Alexander Lebedev slamming the British for allowing so many wealthy Russians to live in the UK, in a comment in the Guardian on 16 January, claiming  that this was due to the “simple reason.. that the British government does not ask too many questions of them.” He would know, given that his son Evgeny lives freely in the UK running a British daily.

In addition, in his comment Mr Lebedev focuses on corruption between 2003-2011, presumably as he would not like too many questions to be asked as to how, he a former KGB agent, managed to become a billionaire in the 1990s. He didn’t create a company like Microsoft or Apple: he had a bank and some other assets.

He also refers in passing to the Kremlin “whose long slide into autocracy shows no sign of relenting”.

Is this the self-same Kremlin that Mr Lebedev has decided to back by providing funding for a movement set up on Mr Putin’s instructions? And did Mr Lebedev take that step after his bank was raided by the Russian security services?

It would be good if Mr Lebedev were to go on record about corruption at the top, while continuing to live in Russia.


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