Mr Putin and his kleptocrats

Recently Yulia Latynina, respected commentator on Russia, posted this excellent article on the site entitled Putin: Results to Date.

She notes during Mr Putin’s term in power, over 2 million Russians have decided to emigrate. She also highlights the double standards of Putin’s regime, which lambasts the West continually, but whose members are not averse to acquiring property in the self-same hated Western regimes, such as the UK, France and the USA. Why don’t Russia’s bureaucrats buy properties in North Korea and Iran and other friendly regimes?

Notably, all of Putin’s acquaintances and friends have become billionaires during his rule, including Gennady Timchenko, who for some reason holds dual nationality (Finnish) and resides in Switzerland, instead on living in Russia.

Latynina names the ministers who have made their fortunes while in office, such as Igor Shuvalov and the Health Minister Golikova.


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