Going through the motions – Part Four

This is probably the most amusing article to have been penned by a Russian bureaucrat, let alone the future President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

In this opinion piece from the great leader entitled Russia must reject corruption and build a modern democracy, in the Guardian on 7 February 2012, the architect of the current state of Russia, of the increasingly high levels of corruption among his colleagues from the Federal Security Service, where all ministerial and other posts are sold, Putin call for increasing transparency and empowering all levels of society. This is the man, who is preventing any serious opposition from running in the forthcoming presidential elections, this is the man, whose best companion in Europe happens to Italy’s corrupt former leader Berlusconi, this is the man, who has overseen the murders of journalists that criticise the state and uncover corruption, this is the man with billions in Western bank accounts, this is the man who oversaw the destruction of Yukos, but left Roman Abramovich and Oleg Deripaska untouched, this is finally the man who has been destroying Russia every day.

And now of course he has instigated the most chilling step of all – the Kremlin is planning as posthumous trial of a lawyer, who died in his prime while in police custody, Sergei Magnitsky, a man who had been uncovering corruption by the police and the authorities and who had died in mysterious circumstances under police protection. Read this piece, also in the Guardian, entitled: Russia’s posthumous trial of lawyer shows corruption is still rife

So, if ever hear anyone praising Putin as a force for law and order, ask them about Politkovskaya, ask them about Sergei Magnitsky and finally ask them about the level of corruption that has reached monstrous proportions under this hypocrite.

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