M&A Russian style

The following article in a February 2012 issue of Forbes entitled: How Suleiman Kerimov survived two crashes that almost cost his life and fortune , primarily on the meteoric rise, fall and rise again of Suleiman Kerimov, also describes the way M&A’s were conducted in the 1990s and also the 2000s by “predators” such as Roman Abramovich’s Millhouse, Oleg Deripaska’s RusAl and also Kerimov’ Nafta, in particular when they all aggressively ripped apart the business owned by Andrei Andreyev.

So don’t believe the hype from the PR people for Abramovich and Deripaska that they have only engaged in legitimate business tactics, as understood in the West, to build up their businesses: the opposite is true.

And have these businessmen been prosecuted by the Russian state authorities for event wrong-doing?

Quite the contrary.

As they say, plus ca change…

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