Change from within

Whatever the party in power under President Putin tries to do, it is effectively stuck.

If it continues on the same course of corruption and disregard for the people, the country will sink backwards and the infrastructure will steadily collapse.

Meanwhile attempts not to change anything are bound to fail, as Russian republics getting restless. The Caucasus remains poor and in strife. The failure of the Russian oligarchs to bother investing their own money in this area for various ski resorts and businesses and to attempt to impose this role on foreigners only goes to show how greedy they all are and how they really don’t care about their own country. Why doesn’t Vekselberg invest, for example, USD 3 billion in Chechnya, Ingushetia?

So the state authorities and the oligarchs in power are unwilling to invest in Russia for Russia’s sake, while the FSB is stretched just trying to keep order.

The only good thing about this state of the affairs is that the people will take more control of their lives and will eventually refuse to pay for corruption. They will make a stand. Given the power of Youtube, Facebook and other social networking sites, and the desire of the state authorities to divert attention from their indifference and apathy, such a stand will deliver results.

And will mark the first step on the path to reform in general.

I personally believe that change from within offers the best hope for Russia’s survival as one nation and for Russia to lead the way in future, once Putin and his entourage have been swept away and all the deputies in the servile State Duma have been kicked out.

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