Lebedev makes further claims

So former KGB hood Alexander Lebedev, who somehow became a billionaire in the last decade, now claims that he is under attack for opposing the Putin regime http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/oct/02/lebedev-newspapers-putin-russia. Is this the  same billionaire, who signed up to a pro-Putin movement before the parliamentary elections and presumably contributed certain funds to Putin’s re-election campaign?

It is becoming rather tiresome to hear his appeals for assistance and his claims of being a critic of Vladimir Putin, when you never hear him openly criticise Putin in Russia, only in the Western press, presumably as part of his exit plan and bid to boost the value of his media holding in the UK and to find buyers for his ailing assets.

He has not been arrested yet and his assets have still not been seized, which leads one to assume that he is not as badly off as he complains.

Sorry, I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who worked for the KGB and who made a billion. It would be good to see him publish tax returns for the past 20 years, demonstrating that he has paid tax on all the money he earned.

Unlikely to happen though.

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