The sick joke of the summer

Like most people, I would hold that acting in a lewd manner in a place of worship is disgraceful.

However, nothing can excuse the sentence imposed on the members of Pussy Riot, whose appeal has been delayed, as reported in the Guardian

Let’s face it – why were they arrested? For their behaviour in a place of worship or for singing a song in which they have the effrontery to criticise Putin?

Did they perform this act in a Catholic church, in a protestant church or in a synagogue?

No in an Russian Orthodox Church – a church in cahoots with the Putin regime and run by former/existing members of the KGB. Surely a church that preaches compassion should have dropped all charges against young girls, who didn’t understand the alleged seriousness of their “crime”?

The court case was clearly orchestrated and then the sentence – sending the girls to a prison colony? At the most they should have been given a suspended sentence, at the least – asked to perform community work.

However, that was not on the cards – they had committed a cardinal sin – to criticise his holiness, Putin.

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