Voter interest on the decline

The first gubernatorial elections for a while have proved the increasing apathy of the electorate, with 30 per cent the mean. in the given circumstances, the Kremlin’s United Russia Party enjoyed a clean sweep in all five regions where gubernatorial elections were held.

United Russia also won all the elections to local parliaments. In all instances the opposition parties (parties that are not part of the servile State Duma) failed to pass the seven per cent barrier).

While electoral fraud no doubt played a role, the low level of voting is naturally a concern for the opposition, indicating as it does that the population doesn’t believe in the possibility of change or in the worse case scenario, doesn’t really care.  The concept “Better the devil you know” has prevailed for a long time. As long as life is bearable and corruption doesn’t interfere too much with daily lives, the general public appear ready to accept their fate.

The situation should also be perceived as a disturbing development by the powers-that-be: if 70 per cent of the population choose not to vote, the regime’s legitimacy per se is cast in doubt.


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