Govoryun stays silent about alleged resignation

According to today’s Vedomosti (16 October 2012) Minister for Regional Development Oleg Govoryun is on his way out. He was allegedly upset when he received a public reprimand from President Vladimir Putin for failing to discharge Presidential instructions signed shortly after his inauguration as President for a third time. He was castigated for failing to draft a range of measures to improve housing conditions for large families. The former Presidential plenipotentiary for the Central Federal District had only been in his position for a few months!

Unable to persuade him to change his mind, the Kremlin told him to take a break on grounds of health, so that they would have time to find an appropriate replacement. According to unidentified sources at the Ministry for Regional Development, it had been expected that Govoryun would radically change tactics, strategy and staff.

As the article notes, however, these would appear to have been impossible demands, given that the functions of the Ministry have not been clearly defined and given the disparities in income levels and corresponding issues faced by different regions.

The best solution would no doubt to decentralise control and provide more powers to each specific region. However, that would require the Kremlin to cede control and develop a long-term development strategy at eradicating poverty in the Caucasus and other areas…., something that it has ignored for the past 12 years.

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