Russian Orthodoxy going backwards hand in hand with United Russia and Mr Putin

In an excellent comment in the Moscow daily, the Moscow Times, entitled Witch Hunt Against Gays, Victor Davidoff shows that the recent mistrial and disgraceful treatment of Pussy Riot by the Orthodox church and Putin’s regime is not some isolated incident. He picks up on an attack on a Moscow gay and lesbian club by perpetrators, clad in hoods and masks to avoid detection.

Surely a religious faith such as the Russian Orthodox Church would criticise such an unprovoked attack on unarmed people? Not Russian Orthodox priest Sergei Rybko, who stated in an interview: “As  long as that scum is not banished from Russian land, I completely agree with people who are trying to cleanse our homeland of them”. No outcry from the church authorities. But then, as I stated in another entry, the people at the top are former KGB and don’t care about people at all. So no surprise.

The use of such terminology’s cleansing clearly reeks of fascism.  You would have thought that nobody would want to be associated to such a church.

And what did the ruling United Russia party, the stooges of the Kremlin, have to say? United Russia deputy Vitaly Mironov stated that the incident was due to the “obnoxious, crude and permissive behaviour of the gay community.”

So there you have the attitude of the authorities to anyone who stands out from the grey and drab underlings of Mr Putin’s regime.

You have to admire the bravery of people like Davidoff of highlighting such incidents.  Let’s hope that more and more people oppose this depraved and debauched attitude of the official church and those leeches from the United Russia party.

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