Putin relying on All-Russia People’s Front

In an amusing lead article in Russian business daily Kommersant on 19 October 2012, Andrei Kolesnikov provides an overview of a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the movement that he put together to support his re-election as Russia’s President for an unprecedented third time.

The movement is made up of a motley of characters, from the chairman of the Kremlin’s United Russia party Boris Gryzlov to former “red’ film director Stanislav Govorukhin. And it also includes trade unions with members who “like a drink”. So the rabble of supporters will prove no opposition to Putin,   as they will be intoxicated or otherwise brought into line.

Incidentally this was the movement that alleged victim of Putin’s regime oligarch Alexander Lebedev indicated that he was joining back in May 2011 though his Our Capital movement.

President Putin indicated that he planned to hold a foundation congress in spring 2013 for the movement, which will bring together both political parties (presumably the current servile set in the State Duma) and also NGOs (presumably NGOs that also refrain from any criticism of Putin and his policies).

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