Hypocrisy in motion

So the Russian Orthodox church, Kremlin, United Russia and other assorted Putinistas were shocked by the antics of Pussy Riot.

Strangely they have yet to comment on the discovery by Moscow police of a brothel in an Orthodox monastery, run by an Abbot (Father Tikhon) who allegedly acts as President Putin’s religious counsellor. This was reported in the Daily Telegraph – I don’t think the story has been covered by Russia Today for some reason!

To make money, the monastery had rented out premises a while back and quietly stood to one side as various shenanigans were performed in the peaceful confines of this very orthodox place of worship.

Presumably the participants in the brothel did not make any negative statements about Mr Putin – hence the delay in its closure. Head of the Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill, who slammed Pussy Riot, has yet to comment as to why a brothel was allowed to operate within the confines of a monastery or to indicate whether this goes against church beliefs and is worse than the actions of Pussy Riot.

But then Kirill is a special type of believer – he owns a GBP 20,000 Breguet watch that he shows off ostentatiously.

So one rule for critics and another rule for other types.

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