Monthly Archives: April 2013

In the Guardian in a comment posted by opposition leader and blogger, Alexei Navalny points out how he has been targeted for his opposition to President Vladimir Putin. Some people comment that he deserves this treatment for opposing Putin, for holding what would appear to be nationalist views. However, the commentators fail to justify the onslaught on members of his family, who have been arrested or subject to other forms of pressure. Why are they being pressurised? What crime have they committed?

Have they been siphoning off state assets abroad, embezzling state assets? No. The Kremlin elite has. However, they are not sanctioned in the world of hypocrisy typifying the Russian oligarchs and bureaucrats, from the servile State Duma and Council of the Federation to the  obedient police, military, KGB, regional authorities.

Whatever his views, if Navalny does go to jail, this will provide further proof that this regime has lost its bearings and has put self-interest before society and common sense.